Anarcimal owl.

My tshirts! These are the close ups of my tshirt, modelled (but fortunately not full body) by me. I am selling them currently so check out my etsy if you are interested in buying one ( ). 

I am finding this selling business to be quite stressful. Apart from buying the wrong quantities, too few L sizes, I am unsure at what point to order more and what designs or tshirts to use. I am aware that the majority of my sales have been friends and therefore I don’t know if anybody outside of my friendship circle shall purchase them.

'Palestine' By Joe Sacco

This book was drawn from the experiences of a westerner who lived for a few months in Palestine and frankly, it was harrowing. The book, monotone in its design and with pages of dense writing really wouldn’t be seen as enticing in the normal sense of graphic novels. However, it held its own with its truth, reality and gritty imagery.

The book seemed relevant to this summer due to the current middle eastern conflict and really and truly I wonder how much the current situation in Palestine has improved. Certainly the constant oppressive fear and anger over reduced rights and freedom would create this palestinian anger and it helped rationalise the hatred of the arabs towards the Jews in my mind.

However, his summary of the situation with his final chapter really showed the reality of the situation. His laid back life in Tel Aviv and conversations in the comfort of western style illustrates our real lack of knowledge and cultural ability to fully appreciate the situation. This really has led me to question what is right and wrong in the middle east and frankly, its all a huge muddle in my mind. My only thoughts that seem true are this. Britain really fucked up by giving the Jews land that already belonged to a proud and native people and, secondly. Both people are equally hateful, fearful and racist toward one another. To really address the terror there must be a humanitarian and respectful agreement because separate states won’t fix the enmity of the peoples. Only their respect toward one another will.

If I have offended anyone it is not my will or desire to have done so, I am merely throwing my two measly cents into the ring with the hope that the humanity and empathy of these people will come to the fore.

This is another of my anarcimal designs. It is my first reptile drawing and therefore I think I overdid the scales and the dark solidity of its skin texture. This is my first attempt and while I quite like it, looking back on the completed form I see where I went wrong. The spiked necklace is far too small and is lost in the sea (pun intended) of lines surrounding it. I need to reduce the form down next time round and maybe use less black because it has overpowered the form.

I added in the blue rectangles onto the second attempt as a tip of the proverbial hat to Raymond Pettibon. He is still one of my favourite illustrators and he was instrumental in the punk movement, designing album covers for Black Flag and other punk bands. I added a blue ‘black flag’ to my design to give my work some colour as well as refer to the punk movement again.

This is my story so far for the E Zine that I am participating in (I will post the link when the issue is up). It is based on an orang-utan who is captured and taken to a zoo to be an object of entertainment. I also felt I could justify the anthropomorphic elements of this orang-utan because I have experienced my own sort of captivity this summer being cooped up inside my house due to my car crash and the falling into the dark, the shock and the realisation were all emotions i experienced and cathartically expressed here.

This was my first attempt at a fully coloured story and I found it very difficult, the people and their clothing proved the most problematic as I wished to create them as realistic yet I wanted them to clash with the enclosure and be different and I don’t think I achieved this. 

For my first try i am quite happy with the outcome and I quite like the expressive faces of the orang-utan. Colouring the orang-utan was probably more of a problem that I myself created. I didnt do enough scale studies of the size I would actually use and therefore they became a bit faded or too strong at points and they don’t always have the same skin tones.

This is another anarcimal design. I expanded on a previous design that just featured a head of the cheetah as I think that some animals look better in a full body shot. I once again made up the body and although you can tell that some of it is not quite as it should be it allowed me to play around with a more powerful pose. 

If anybody has been following my blog since the beginning or has scrolled through all 200 odd images I have uploaded then you will be familiar with how I started my graphic animals. This otter was a creation that, I think, shows my refinement throughout the year. My style has gotten a lot more refined, using negative space to create contrasts and giving the figure without having to over power the images with dark black blocks.

This new design also plays around with the background, partly because the otter body is slightly boring (a long tubular shape) and because I wanted to push my designs forward. I realise that if I want to keep the tshirts fresh I cannot become stilted and stubborn. My next step will be to add colour in.

The death of Robin Williams was truly sad, however he had a great career, inspired people and helped brighten the world while he lived. We shouldn’t focus on the death, but the life and therefore I chose to draw his role in ‘The Dead Poets Society’. This is my favourite Robin Williams film and this is my favourite quote of his. Rest in peace and I hope your troubles have come to an end.

My t-shirts have come, ask me if you want one but I’m still injured so distribution will be problematic currently. I only have 40 and this is my first venture into this so any amateur mistakes I do is precisely so.

An orang-utan water colour and pen study. My mum has always maintained that these images of animals in pen and watercolour are some of my best work so I figured I would give it a shot again. Sorry about the poor quality, it is a photo taken off of my phone as I cannot scan during the summer.

These are the first 3 designs that I want to print off for my tshirt enterprise. The images on the pdfs aren’t grainy so I think its just tumblr struggling to comprehend my drawings. I am however unsure as to what tshirts and tops to print it off on and even to what demographic it would appeal to so quantity and size and sex still eludes me.

Another punk animal. This is a king cheetah, a mutation of the cheetah species which has a thicker, mottled pattern and its back creates a single patch which looks badass, for want of better words. I will now have 5 animals and I will pick 3 to start my range up and hopefully dominate the punk animal tshirt market (I assume I’m the only one).


"Better Days/ Veronica"

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To help capture the forms of the orangutans I have been doing studies of their body language, facial features and movements. These help me make the story more authentic but the fact I can’t scan A3 at home means I am reduced to pen drawings and I should try drawing in pen to get the form right, as well as reduce the information I deliver.

This is a rough of a story board I am starting. This shall be a story following an orangutan who has been captured from the wild and imprisoned in a zoo. While this story is anthropomorphised (the reactions you could deem more human than ape) we share 95% of our DNA with these apes and they are highly intelligent. Due to this intelligence, it always upsets me to see apes confined in zoos and I hope this story shows their frustration and consciousness clearly and evocatively.